With Hardin's Fitness Athletic Training, we take every athlete that works with us through a physical & mental rebuild. We do this physically through fixing muscular imbalances, improving core strength, jumping & running mechanics, recovery training and more. And we do it mentally through being thorough & helping players understand how their body works, why they're doing the things they're doing, what it takes to truly be great and etc. It takes more than Bench pressing and Back squatting to create a well rounded, fundamentally sound athlete. We focus on the "little" things so that you don't have to.  Every athlete that's trained with us has experienced significant increases in strength, explosion, mobility, speed, agility and more. Browse the different packages we offer below & take you or your teams athleticism to the next level.

 Private & Small Group Training Sessions  

Private &/or small group sessions would be best for you or your player if :

-You live in the Starkville, Mississippi area

-You have the confidence to perform these exercises on your own either in the gym or at home 


Training Options


Team Strength & Conditioning Programs

Team Strength & Conditioning Programs would be perfect for you if:

-You're a coach of a team, needing in season, off season & pre season workouts

-You need your players to work out on their own outside of practice, and need a solid program for them to follow safely and effectively 




Teams & Players Who've Trained With Hardin's Fitness