A Healthy Work Force is A Happy, High Performing Work Force. 

When your employees are in better health, they have increased immunity, higher energy levels and less stress — all which increase productivity. As your corporate partner, our top priority is helping you achieve optimal health — for each employee and for your company as a whole.

Our Corporate Wellness Solutions

A corporate partnership with Hardin’s Fitness reduces absenteeism while boosting retention, engagement and job satisfaction. And, because healthier employees have fewer medical expenses, it can go a long way toward lowering your healthcare costs.


Partner With Us

Here’s the amazing benefits your staff will have access to when partnering with Hardin’s Fitness:

-Fully Customized Nutrition Programs for Each Individual Employee, Saving Them Time on Figuring Out What to Eat for Lunch Every Day, And Helping Employees Fight off 70-90% of Chronic Illnesses. 


-Fully Customized Training Programs for Each Individual Employee. Training Programs Will Be Designed to Fit Scehdules, Equipmetn Access & More. Employees Will Increase Activity Without Sacrificing Productivity At Work. Daily Exercise Is Proven to Boost Energy & Morale, Which Means a More Vibrant, Buzzing Work Place.


-Daily Accountability. We Make Sure You’re Staff is Staying Consistent & Motivated. This Way You Get the Most Out of Your Investment Into Your Employees. 


-5 Employees: $997/mo

-10 Employees: $1497/mo

-15 Employees: $1997/mo

-20 Employees: $2,497/mo

-20+ Employees: Contact Below