About the Owners of Hardin’s Fitness

Hardin’s Fitness is owned by Montel & Tashi Nicole Hardin. Montel & Tashi Nicole share the same home town ; a small city in Mississippi called New Albany. They met there & started dating in 2014, and recently got engaged! Check out the video here on Tashi’s Instagram! They decided to start Hardin’s Fitness in December of 2016, once Montel obtained his personal training certification. They saw the need for health & fitness to be accessible to EVERYONE, not just the wealthy & privileged.  Their main goal with Hardin’s Fitness is to help one million people reach their fitness & fat loss goals , while helping them establish confidence in themselves & understand that they’re in control of their life & that you can better yourself at ANY time!
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For questions about fitness & fat loss training, skill training & nutrition, feel free to contact Montel at any of the following methods. 

•Phone- 662.610.4268 (Text Only)

•Email- hardinsfitness@gmail.com

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