Meal Planning Made Simple

In today's blog I'll be showing you how I create simple, easy to follow meal plans that are tailored specifically to you and your goals. Right now I have close to 50 people following my nutrition plans and literally everyone is seeing amazing results, losing an average of 6.3lbs per month & 4.5 total inches per month. We do this in a 4 part process:

1. Getting your calorie numbers down is key. A lot of people follow diets, but the problem is, they don't have the numbers right for them. Here's an example of how I calculate the amount of calories you need :

2. Next, I get your meals together. After I get your 10 Favorite Foods, I get started creating a healthy, nutritious meal plan based around your current interests. Here's what a couple days of your plan would look like.

I also devise what I call a "measuring cup method", where instead of me writing out exactly what meals to eat, I give you a food bank with the most nutritious proteins, fats & carbs. And then i meticulously calculate how many calories you need for each macronutrient, and measure that into a cup so that you don't have to.


A meal plan is only good if you can stick to it. That's why I leave no stone unturned & use multiple methods to deliver nutririon plans. I try to make it as easy for you to follow, yet effective as possible. If you're ready to make weight loss simple, grab a meal plan today, & use the code EASY for 40% off!

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