Key Replacements

  1. Mindset: Food is for nutrients first, pleasure second. Everything doesn't have to be the best thing you ever tasted. By no means am I advocating eating things you think are nasty, but you have to eat what you need instead of what you want sometimes.
  2. Replace canola, vegetable oil w/ coconut, extra Virgin olive oil. Canola & Veggie oil have a high amount of trans fat, which if consumed consistently, can result in heart problems, clogged arteries, and more ailments. Cocunut & extra Virgin olive oil are very high in healthy saturated fats & they raise the HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol, level in your blood, reducing the risk of heart disease 
  3. almond milk is significantly lower in calories than dairy milk. Even though almond milk lacks the protein found in dairy milk, it also has nowhere near the amount of saturated fat as dairy.
  4. White rice has pretty much all nutrients stripped from it, whereas brown rice leaves it in tact. White rice is essentially empty calories, which always results in weight gain. whereas brown rice is a healthy carb that helps to lower risks of heart disease, cancer & diabetes.

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